Katie Manning

Seattle, Washington

Full time Ux Designer.

part time beach bum.

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About Katie

Katie is a multi-disciplinary designer and self-claimed beach bum. A recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Advertising & Branding, Creative Technology.

She moved to Seattle to pursue a career in User Experience Design. At her recent internship with TEAGUE, she has worked with a Fortune 100 company in their initiative towards the autonomous future. During the project she worked as a member of the interaction design team, creating extensive wireframes and UI prototypes. She was also able to display her 3D skills in the development in the project. Katie is ready to bring her user centered design methodology as well as her varied technical skills to any design challenge. 

Katie also likes to talk in third person to imagine what it would be like to have a reality TV introduction. Katie enjoys long walks on the beach, avoiding humanity to binge watch Netflix and using modern dating apps to get free food.


Skills & Interests



futurist technology

Fascinated by how fast technology evolves and all the promises for the future. Feel free to set up a coffee meeting to chat about autonomous vehicles, drones, and VR.


Design research

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product design

The blend of digital and physical is where my multidisciplinary design skills truly shine. A blend of advertising methodology, interaction design, user centered design thinking, and industrial design modeling skills.

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Coding & Programming

I graduated as a creative technologist with knowledge in C++, HTML, CSS, and Java.

Exposure to programming has helped me look at digital interactions from development and creative point of views.



current Location

Seattle, WA


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